How to Recover Lost Password For MS Office Programs

>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Privacy and security is a very important factor when dealing with sensitive documents. Almost everyone is concerned about confidential information and most people would protect their documents with a nifty password if they had the choice. This is why the password protection tool in Microsoft Office programs is a great feature as it allows you to easily protect your private documents from prying eyes. However what the hell are you supposed to do when you yourself somehow manage to forget, lose or misplace that password? Is your file locked for good and forever inaccessible? Well back in the day, if you lost or forgot your password to a document you could basically kiss your file goodbye, however these days there have been huge advances in technology and you are able to recover lost password for MS Office quite easily with the right tools. So if you were wondering about How to recover lost password for a Microsoft Word or Office Document then continue reading as I will show you exactly how... Essentially there are two basic methods used to crack Passwords for Microsoft word and other Microsoft office programs and they are Dictionary Attack and Brute Force Attack. Now Microsoft word usually utilizes three types of passwords, they are Password to open, password to modify, and protect document password. Any one of these passwords can be recovered and most passwords are retrieved using the dictionary attack feature, the method consists of trying "every word in the dictionary" as a possible password for an encrypted message. The attack is usually very successful because most users typically choose, poor easy to crack, passwords. Now If the Dictionary attack feature doesn't work then you probably created a pretty tricky password, and you will have to use Brute Force attack to crack the password. Brute force attack works by trying to track down every possible code, combination, or password until you find the right one. So no matter how long or how many numbers and words your password contains, the brute force method will be able to retrieve it. A brute force attack will always succeed eventually, so you have nothing to worry about. Therefore if you lost or forgot an important password and are trying to figure out How to recover Lost passwords for MS Office Programs then you need the help of a good password recovery tool. Most of these software's are very advanced and they contain all the necessary tools to help you crack your lost Password. The leading names in the market will offer you a free download so you can test out the program to see if your passwords are recoverable at no cost. So if you wish to recover your lost MS office Password, then go ahead and grab a decent password recovery tool and you'll have access to your files again within minutes. If you have Lost or forgotten the password to an important file, Don't Panic, all hope is not lost, With the right Password Recovery Tool you should have access to your files in no time. I have personally used a program called Office Password Recovery Pro to recover some lost passwords, it has worked wonders for me and I'm sure it can do the same for you. Not only can you retrieve forgotten passwords for Microsoft Word, but also all other Office Programs, It also supports earlier versions of Microsoft Office from 2003 onwards. Check It Out Article Source:

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Remote Data Backup - Strategic Planning Against Data Loss From Sudden Computer Failure

Everyday when we power up our computer and it whirls and twirls, and starts to operate, we go about our business without any fuss. In fact, the smooth running of the computer is taken very much for granted...until the computer system breaks down or a component suffers damage. We are so used to seeing our computers functioning without a hitch that we might never have thought or expected a computer to suffer damage in any way. Physical damage to our computers do occur, and often they occur unexpectedly. Like a human being, all components of the computer can suffer some form of damage through either wear and tear or through ageing fatigue. You use your computer's hard drive everyday not realizing that every time you use it you are putting your computer at risk of a malfunction that can lose your data and be hard to recover it all completely. Hard disks can "die" from fatigue or from aging and wear and tear. Media such as CD-ROM that we handle physically are subjected to scratches or marks that are easily visible to the naked eye. Such CD-ROMs when played in your hard drive can and do cause mechanical failure to the drive reading head over time. Any damage to your computer may or may not be fully reversible, especially if it involves physical components. Another usual culprit that causes hard disk failure is the trapping of dust and dirt in the hard disk drive. While this type of problems can be averted by cleaning the pc box and also the drive head, any damage to the hard disk is usually irreversible. You may or may not be able to reverse the damage once the damage has occurred, and your computer will never operate with the same efficiency. Dust can become trapped in the hard disk drive causing problems in your computer that may be irreversible. It is never advisable to try to fix your own computer problems if it relates to physical damage or component damage. You need to send it to a professional computer technician to get things fixed, especially because tampering with components without the relevant knowledge can lead to further damage. When physical damage occurs to your computer system these physical components can be skillfully replaced with new parts. But what is most important is whether there has been damage to your computer data and files. With physical damage to your hard disk, there is always some irreversible damage to data, and data recovery can never be 100% effective. The only way to safeguard against data loss and damaged or corrupted files is to conduct a remote backup of all the data and files periodically before any hard disk failure or physical damage occurs to your computer system. With the availability of easy one touch remote backup services of your data and files at low cost, it should be part of your business strategic planning to ensure you backup all your data files and information to safeguard against data loss that can bring serious ruin and loss of profits to your business or company. Still personally unprotected against sudden data loss and data information? Discover how you can gain full protection against total computer data loss and damage for as low as $10 a month by visiting Data Recovery and Backup or the website There are also many useful articles, videos and techniques on data backup and data recovery on the site for free as well. Article Source:

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Where to Buy Data Recovery Tools and Data Recovery Software

There are plenty of places online where you may buy data recovery tools, and to be honest many of them are nearly as good as the other. The biggest difference you're going to find from one data software brand to the next, is simply your customer service centers-which that's the same thing with nearly every company. Some are good, others not so much. If you're looking to buy data recovery tools, then most likely you are already in a pinch and need something quick to get those files back. I wouldn't waste time trying to find which set of tools is better than the next, just pick one and go with it. When it comes time to buy data recovery tools the least thing you want to worry about is Pepsi or Coke-if you catch my drift. Before you go out and buy data recovery tools to find those lost files, you can actually download a trial from many of the companies out there. Any good company will have a free trial to let you have that first taste of their product. I'd personally be wary of anyone who wouldn't let me try before I buy. Think about it like buying a car when you set out to buy data recovery tools to recover those files. You wouldn't buy a car without test-driving it first would you? I wouldn't either. That's my point, any company that is offering a decent product will let you try their product out to help you make a decision. One of the things I always suggest is paying attention to the website. Does it look professional? This is normally one of the first hints of what they're customer service will be like, since they should be putting much more hard work into their customers than they're website. If they've got a lousy website, then there's no telling what kind of effort they will put into their customer service, if any. Learn more about Data Recovery Tools by checking out this Guide. Article Source:

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